Special programs

We at Bark and Sparkle want to make sure that we reach every aspect of our community and that means going the extra mile. This page talks in detail about some of our special programs; services we offer that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Behavioral Challenges
As crazy as our lives can be it's no wonder why our pups might end up on the lesser end of well adjusted. Behaviors like dog-on-dog aggression, people-aggression, high anxiety and destructive chewing are very common in today's modern dog. These reasons, however, shouldn't keep your dog from being able to enjoy a relaxing spa day.

At Bark and Sparkle we have a great database of combined knowledge of dog body language, training techniques and safety procedures. While we can't promise that we can handle every dog, we can handle more than most places. We will set up a special time to meet with you and your dog for a consultation. This time will be spent getting to know each other, your needs and the needs of your dog. After our brief, free consultation we can then make suggestions and set up an appointment for your dog's specialized spa day.

Health Issues
Try as hard as we can, it's a reality that most of our beloved pets will end up with some form of health related issue during their lifetime. In some cases this can alter how a pet must be handled in a grooming/bathing situation. Bad joints, breathing problems, fatty or malignant tumors, obesity, etc can call lead to issues with visiting a regular grooming salon. Without proper care and undivided attention, the grooming process--even if done kindly and correctly--can highly aggravate some of these issues.

With our vast knowledge of dog health--and our vet friends right next door!--we feel secure in offering to try and tackle dogs with health issues which may have gotten them rejected at other salons. We may not be able to handle everything that walks through our doors, but we will give it our all. We offer free consultations for dogs with advanced age or health issues. During this consultation we will learn all about your dog's special needs and decide--with your input of course--what grooming and bathing procedures could be safely handled in our salon. We will then set up a special appointment for you and your pet to help address these issues and get your pup looking their best.

Homebound Paws
Everyone can own a pet, but often times not everyone can get out and go with their pet. Disabilities, health concerns, time, etc all of this can oftentimes prevent a pet owner from getting their beloved furry friend to the groomers as frequently as they should. People who are unable to drive for numerous reasons can develop grief and guilt over not being able to get their pets cleaned and groomed. We are going to change that.

Every other Wednesday we will be offering our Homebound Paws service. With this program we will travel to your house and pick up your pet for their spa day. They will travel to our location, enjoy a fun-filled day of pampering, and then--looking pretty and all tuckered out--they will be transported back to you.