Photo Gallery

Obviously this page is pretty image heavy! Give it a second to load and then have fun searching through our photos!

Coco and Marley waiting for mom to come pick them up after their haircuts.

Gizmo giving us his personal endorsement.

This is Cookie when she came in to us. Her mom took her to another salon and this is how Miss Cookie looked. Her mom trusted us to fix her up and make her presentable...

This is Cookie afterwards! This is much shorter than we usually like to go on Shih Tzus but we didn't have too much to work with. :) Complete with bows and bright pink nail pawlish--Cookie is looking much better!

This is Azure.She was a stray who has been rescued by an incredibly kind man. She was on death's door the first time she came to us--pictured here--for just a bath. She was horribly emaciated and could barely stand. She was covered in muck and needed attention. She was given a bath on this visit, just to help clean her off and remove some of the grime.
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